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Steel tongue drums also know as "Hapi Drums" 8 tones


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Description: Steel tongue drums, with 8 tones including bag and 2 x drum sticks
Size: Ø 25 x h 13 cm

Material: Steel
Color option: With Silver Iron and mix colors

You don't really need to be a musician to enjoy the music drum, it's easy to get into the grooving rhythms and with the custom made back pack you can bring your drum to your friends, camping or traveling.
The strong meditative tones are calming and great for relaxing anytime, these Drums are also being used in music therapy.
Steel tongue drums use tongues cut to different sizes and shapes to produce musical tones, similar to wooden tongue drums. The steel is about 2mm thick. The original concept of using steel came from Dennis Havlena who began cutting tongues into steel tanks in 2007.
Tune Available as:
A  Akebono, AFECCBBA
Diatonic, CGFCEBDA