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Have your own online store, or thinking about starting one?
We make it easy for you!

Have your own Online-Shop:
Your Shipment can be delivered to you including a .CSV Database file, containing all your purchased products, this file can be uploaded directly into your online e-commerce, (we recommend Shopify as your e-commerce)

Thinking about starting your own Online-Shop:
If you do not yet have your own online store, maybe it's about time to go there.
We can make a standard starting point for you, a website with all the products you bought from us, and it is your own website, you can add any products you want, and make any changes you like.

This is how it works:
We open a Shopify store for you, in your name, it is your own store, between you and Shopify (Shopify fee is, from 29usd month)
We setup the standard menu, and upload all the products you purchased from IndoExport, with pictures description and everything needed.
We now hand over the site to you, and have no longer access to your online store.
You setup your payment providers, your retail selling prices, term & conditions, and upload any other products you might want to sell in your store.

When your Container from IndoExport arrive, you are ready to start selling from day 1.

It's Easy and It's Free!