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Shipping Price

  Please NOTE::: Shipping prices are variable pricing and below price list are indicative only, usually variate about 15% over the year. 

Transport between Surabaya port Indonesia and the rest of the world is called "Ocean Freight"
Ocean Fright:  20 Feet  40 Feet
Surabaya - Europe 1600 usd 2600 usd
Surabaya - USA 3300 usd 4100 usd
Our warehouse is located in Bali as is most of our production.
Transport between Bali and Surabaya shipping port is necessary, this is called "Local Handling."
Local Handling:  20 Feet  40 Feet
Bali - Surabaya 1200 usd 1800 usd


The above prices explains the cost to ship a container, but you would properly like to know how much will it cost to fill it with products. That is not as easy to answer, But a very rough estimation with a mixture of all our products, is 50.000 USD / 20 feet container.